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Rust Remover:


Discover The Easy & Efficient Way To Remove Rusty Stains From Your Outdoor Surfaces! 
Looking for an efficient, reliable and safe rust remover? Want to remove rust from your driveway, garden or backyard? Need an eco-friendly and biodegradable rust removing liquid that will eliminate rusty spots around your spigots? 
Introducing The PaverGeneral Concrete & Metal Rust Remover 4015!
Now you don’t have to rely on low-quality and questionable rust removers anymore, since our tested and proven professional-grade water-based metal rust remover is here to help you bring new life to your outdoor surfaces and remove rust created by hard water conditions, rain or even floods. 
Why Choose Our Premium Water Rust Remover?  

  • Super-Easy To Use – all you have to do is follow the simple instructions and your concrete driveway will look absolutely rust-free in no time!
  • Green & Biodegradable Formula – rest assured that your pavement rust remover will not harm your flowers, plants or landscaping!
  • Ideal For Almost All Outdoor Surfaces – eliminate rusty stains from driveways, swimming pools, marble, concrete, brick or any other outdoor surface effortlessly!
PaverGeneral – Now You Can Take Care Of Your Outdoor Spaces Like A Pro! 

Our industrial-grade heavy-duty rust remover is especially designed to offer you maximum performance and leave your concrete surface looking clean and rust-free, so you can then apply your sealer!  


Efflo Cleaner



Discover The Efficient Way To Remove Efflorescence Stains From Your Paving Stones!
Does your outdoor surface have efflorescence stains caused by rain or dew? Do you want to easily and cost-effectively remove those salt stains yourself? Are you looking for a reliable, professional-grade brick stain remover? 
Presenting The Ultimate Efflorescence Remover 4248 By PaverGeneral! 
Now you can effortlessly remove stubborn efflorescence stains from your indoor or outdoor surfaces in just 10 minutes, thanks to our strong acidic treatment, which is designed to effectively dissolve soluble salt stains and bring back the natural beauty of your surface. 
Why Choose Our Stain Remover For Natural Stone? 

  • It Will Not Discolor Your Surface – while other efflorescence removers may cause damage to your surface, the PaverGeneral stain remover for brick is designed to protect your surface’s natural color while eliminating efflorescence. 
  • It’s The Smart Way To Prepare For Sealing – prior to sealing or waterproofing your surface, you need to make sure that there are no soluble salts on the surface, which may compromise the results. That’s exactly why our efflorescence removal liquid is a must have!
  • It Works In Just 10 Minutes – now you don’t have to spend an entire day waiting for your granite stone stain remover to work. All you have to do is let it react for 5 to 10 minutes and wash off with a pressure washer. That’s it! 

Paver Sealer


Why Spend A Fortune On Repairing Or Replacing Your Stone Driveway When You Can Protect It From Damage?
 Looking for an efficient, reliable and safe outdoor stone sealer? Want to add an extra layer of protection against water damage? Need an exterior brick sealer that will add an impressive glossy finish to your outdoor surface?  
Introducing The PaverGeneral Acrylic-Based Masonry Sealer 4551!
Now you don’t have to rely on low-quality and questionable masonry stone sealer liquids anymore, since our outdoor brick and stone sealer is here to help you protect your surface from water damage and bring new life to your driveway, patio or backyard! 
Why Choose Our Premium Brick Waterproofer?

  • Add A Glossy Finish To Your Surface – unlike other products, our acrylic-based brick waterproofer will not only provide water repellency, but also add a beautiful glossy finish to your brick or stone surfaces. 
  • Effective Protection Against Water – our industrial-grade exterior brick sealer will act as a barrier and prevent water absorption, which can damage your surface and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. 
  • Quick Drying Formula – now you don’t have to waste a whole day in order to seal your driveway, patio or garden thanks to our quick-drying masonry sealer!

PaverGeneral – Now You Can Take Care Of Your Outdoor Spaces Like A Pro!

Just follow the simple instructions and use a brush, roller or airless spray in order to apply your PaverGeneral exterior brick sealer!
What Are You Waiting For?  

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Coverage Per Gallon: 

Pavers (concrete) - 100 - 125 sq. ft.
Concrete (troweled) - 300 - 400 sq. ft.
Concrete (exposed agg.) - 200 - 300 sq. ft.
Natural Stones will vary.