Ambient Glow Products

Ambient Glow Stones are what power our Glow Path Pavers and give them that subtle natural glowing illumination.  Our stones are on the cutting edge of glow-in-the-dark technology and will glow for 20 years.

These Ambient Glow Stones will glow for 8-10 hours after just minutes of sunlight making them perfect for many applications.

Exterior uses include swimming pool plaster, float them in concrete pedestrian pathways,  use them in asphalt to create glow-in-the-dark walkways and bike paths for unique looks.

Interior uses include floors and countertops in a bathroom or kitchen.

Smaller quantities of Ambient Glow Stones would be great for crafters for use in jewelry, art projects, gardens, and aquarium bottoms.

They are available in Sky (blue), Emerald (green), and Aqua (teal) color. Three sizes include small (1/8″), medium (1/4″), and large (1/2″). And they come in a Commercial or Premium grade quality.

These eco-friendly luminous pebbles require no electricity and look absolutely stunning at night with their use only limited by your imagination.